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Default Need Salmon help

In article , Todd

Hi All,


A customer of mine gave me two flash frozen salmon fillets
from his fishing trip to Alaska. They are ocean caught fish (not
in a stream yet).

Okay, here is the problem. I know I like salmon as I
like "other people's" salmon. Mine always comes out dry
and fishy. I stink at salmon.

Your salmon comes out dry because you overcook it. Conventional
instructions say to cook fish 10 minutes for each inch of thickness.
Conventional instructions lead to overcooked, dried fish.

You want to cook fish until it (barely) flakes when you attack it with a
fork. I broil most fillets rather than pan-frying them. I brush both
sides with olive oil, and broil each side for 2 or 3 minutes. I like the
skin, so I would run a paring knife over the skin to make sure there are
no scales left, and I would start my broiling with the skin side up.
Then, when it's done, I'd serve with lemon and chopped herbs of some
sort. Fresh parsley is good, as are chives. I'd also use freshly ground
black pepper.

Please save me from myself. I don't want to destroy yet
another piece of fish, especially such a rare treat as
this! How do I cook this thing and what seasoning do I use?

I only have a saute pan available (no grills, ovens etc.).

Oops. However long you've cooked salmon when you don't like it, try it
for half the time.

Some questions that come to mind:

1) do I skin them?


2) I usually use a pair of needle nose pliers to
pull out any remaining bones. Does this do
something bad to the meat? (The meat tears a

Makes no difference

3) what do I cook it in? Butter? A little or a lot?

Depends on your pan. If I were forced to cook a fish fillet on the
stove, I'd use a mix of butter and peanut oil.

4) when to flip it?

About halfway through the cooking time.

5) how hot to cook it?

Depends on your pan. I'd go with medium-ish. If your pan is too hot,
you'll get a crusty outer layer, and crunchy salmon isn't what you're

Spices available (please don't recommend any mixes: too
many allergies involved -- I have to use single organic spices):
real lemon juice
real lime juice
S & P
some others (peppers, etc.)

As I previously states, please save me from myself!

Many thanks,

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