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Default My favourite soup

bigwheel wrote:

Bjørn Steensrud;1821942 Wrote:
Billy wrote:

What have you got in a low fat, low carb, low salt soup? Cooking soup
with bacon, or ham shanks is too easy, and deadly for some of us.-

Well, I guess this one isn't low carb exactly, but it's low fat and can
salt free if you need it:

A winter favorite he the cheapest beef cut you can get, slice off the
fat, simmer (in water, no stock!) for ~2 hours with a quartered onion
and a
quartered carrot, a bay leaf or two and some whole black peppercorns.

After an hour and a half, add vegetables: sliced carrots, a cubed slice
rutabaga, parsley root, celery root, a bit of cut-up cabbage. Roughly
100 g
of each kind to 1 kg meat.

Remove meat and keep warm while serving the soup. Then serve meat with
whatever sauce you like, I do an onion sweet-and-sour sauce.

Had it today - I've heard of "pulled pork", this was "pulled beef", I

Thanks for the recipe. Arrahhhaa..nope..that aint pulled beef. That
called Sounds mighty tasty too. How come no stock allowed?
That just dont seem fair. As Emeril say..Water takes away flavor..stock
adds flavor. Are we trying to dodge fat or salt here? Enquiring minds
need to know this kinda stuff.

Yes - dodging salt, mostly. Actually the broth from the simmering is quite
concentrated and flavorful. The consistency of the beef is what I associate
with "pulled pork" :-)

My mom used to make this. "Fresh meat and soup" - name goes back to the old
times when meat was salted, smoked, dried and fresh meat was hard to find.

(The good old days is defined as when salmon was smoked to preserve it ...
and in those days, farm hands in salmon areas had it in their work contracts
that they were not required to eat salmon more than three times a week.)