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Default Who Was It That Recently Asked About A Hot Water Heater -- I'm In Hot Water!

We've had ours a couple of years now and I like it. Our house is approx. 2,000 sf, two stories. My main complaint is a lack of hot water when the power goes out. Our old tank heater didn't need electricity to give us hot water when the house was freezing cold during a power outage, so we could at least take a nice hot shower before bed. I also dislike having to always wash my hands in cold water, it takes quite a while to get the hot water to the tap. On the other hand, I don't have to wait to take a shower after doing laundry, or running the dishwasher. We also converted our wood burning fireplace to natural gas, that saves a little money too. Electricity bill is less because the fireplace doesn't require electricity, except to start. It uses batteries to start during a power outage, so now we don't freeze when we lose power. So far this winter, the power has stayed on. Last tear we were out for eight days.