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Default Who Was It That Recently Asked About A Hot Water Heater -- I'm In Hot Water!

On Thu, 14 Mar 2013 11:25:06 -0500, jay wrote:

In article ,
Brooklyn1 wrote:

Anyone needs a new hot water heater or just wants to save a bunch of
money an On-Demand Tankless hot water heater works great... had this
installed yesterday:

Nice clean installation.. and they installed proper flush ports and
installed a sediment trap on the gas line. Good for you! Rinnai is know
to be a good product. Works well if centrally located. Mine has to be
circulated due to location and I don't think it saves that much on the
bill. I have a Noritz.

So these are whole house units? Probably work better in smaller
houses, 1500 sf and under.

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