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Default New finds

George Shirley wrote:

> While out shopping today we ran across another dewberry bed, this one
> just down the main drag from our home and next to a Jack In the Box.
> Have found six may haw trees on public land so far and we now have at
> least seven dewberry beds land marked. Hopefully they won't get sprayed
> or mowed before they ripen. The dewberries are in full bloom and the may
> haw trees have blooms dropping so fruit must be setting.
> I'm hoping to get a mess of each this year. Does that make me an Urban
> Harvester, been reading about those.

i love reading about local flora/fauna that
i've not yet figured out what it looks like. keeps
me learning new things...

what are may haw trees like? and dewberry beds?

> Still frustrated with setting up appointments with new medical
> specialists, a must do at our age and frailty but a real PITA.

good luck there with that.

> Garden shed is finished and, as soon as this north wind quits blowing,
> we will build the raised bed garden.


> The fig tree is leafing out nicely
> and the blueberry plants are covered with blooms. The vegetable garden
> seeds we started in newspaper pots are breaking the soil. There is hope
> in this old house.

i know spring is on the way here when i start
watering the amarylis plants again and they
poke up out of the pots.

alas, we are still in the overnight freezing
stage of things and plenty of wind today. gusting
up to 30+mph. and a bit of that fuzzy white frozen
water stuff.