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On Thursday, February 21, 2013 11:20:38 AM UTC-10, Dave Smith wrote:
On 21/02/2013 3:38 PM, dsi1 wrote:

My guess is that the house brands are likely made on the same production

line that makes the big name brands. Of course, that's merely my guess.

I used to buy the big bags of breakfast cereal but these days, the big

bags ain't so big. Bummers!

My guess is that you are right. All those business who spout the party

line about free enterprise and the benefits of competition.... they have

been buying up all the competition. There aren't as many companies

making those products as there used to be. The last local cannery in

this area closed a few years ago, but when it was still operating it

used to process and can fruits and vegetables for a number of companies

including major brands and store brands.

Building a factory is probably really expensive and it's just cheaper and more flexible to just buy product than make it yourself. It's probably more profitable for the manufacturer to sell product to companies even though they'll use it to directly compete for shelf space. Looks like a win-win situation to me. :-)

The dirty little secret about guitar strings is that most "manufacturers" just repackage strings - at least the plain strings anyway. The plain nylon strings are purchased from in bulk from fishing line factories. In this world, branding has deep psychological affects.

The McCanns oats are regular oats in a very special package. I suppose you could just refill it with bulk health store oats for really cheap. I don't much care for cooking that stuff although they probably could be cooked in an automatic rice cooker very easily.

FWIW, the PC frosted flakes that I used to buy at Zhers and No Frills

are IMO better than Kellogs, and the Compliments brand "cheat squares"

are as good as Shreddies.

I like steel cut oats once in a while. The lat time I bought McCanns it

was $3.99 for a a 14 ox can. PC brand was $1.99 for a one pound

container. Then I found steel cut oats for 75 cents per pound. I tried

them all and I can't tell the difference.