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Default Someone Noticed...

On Feb 20, 7:01*am, jmcquown wrote:
I'm a label reader. *When I was at the grocery store yesterday I wanted
to buy some Cheerios-like toasted oat cereal. *I was standing there
reading the ingredients labels. *I had a box of Publix brand 'Toasted
Oats' in one hand and a box of 'Cheerios' in the other.

A woman had just reached for a box of Cheerios when she noticed me
comparing ingredients. *She asked is there much difference? *Nope,
they're the same. *Except the Publix box of toasted oats contains 14 oz..
and the Cheerios, 11 oz. *And the box of Cheerios costs $2 more.

I've been buying the store brand "cheerios" for years. *They taste
exactly the same to me. *But I *do* check to see if they've changed
ingredients from time to time. *I don't eat a *lot* of dry cereal (what
might go stale gets tossed out for the birds) but I like to have some on


Store brands are made by the big companies. They just put the store
brand label on the package.
9 out of 10 times you are getting exactly the same thing for a better
price. The store is not paying for advertising and marketing so they
broker a discount price from the big companies for their 'private'