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Default Hot veg mix with a burger

Peppermint Patootie wrote:
: Inspired by Wendy's fast and dirty spinach, feta, and tomato dish, I
: thought I'd mention something that I make often to accompany a ground
: beef patty made from grass-fed ground beef:

: Cook the patty in a 10 inch cast iron frying pan. As soon as the patty
: is out, pour a small swirl of EVOO into the hot pan, then toss in sliced
: mushrooms and, when the mushrooms are almost cooked, grape tomatoes that
: have been washed but not cut unless they're really big. Let the
: tomatoes sear a bit, season with salt and FGBP, and pour the mix onto
: the plate next to the patty.

: I also like to top the patty with salt and FGBP and then a good dollop
: of guacamole. I generally use Trader Joe's guacamole.

: The juices from the patty will run into the veggies and make them extra
: yummy. Plus you can put the plate down for the cats afterwards because
: there are no onions involved.

: Of course, if you're feeling selfish, precede the mushrooms in the pan
: with some thinly sliced onions, and then eat it all yourself, licking
: the plate if it suits you to do so.

: You could also drop in fresh herbs at some point.

: I get preformed grass-fed patties from a place that offers higher fat
: burgers, and those are especially yummy. With grass-fed beef, the fat
: is really good for you, rather than potentially worrisome.

: Mangia!

: Priscilla
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Wow!, that sounds good and esy and only one pan. what more could you
want. I know you can't do this, but I might do it and trow some left over
wine into the pan with the vegetables. I can, also use the onions as I
have no cats as I am allergic to them, which is too bad, because I would
enjoy the company and regular dog walking gets to be a bit much with the
rollato walker. I just have to be no too lazy to slice them. When I feel
really lazy I actually buy sliced crimini mushrooms form Trader Joes,
otherwise I get them whole at Fairway. Lucky me to have all the nice
stores so near-by adn Zabars is just 7 blocks away, a short walk for me
these days.