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Default Hot veg mix with a burger

Inspired by Wendy's fast and dirty spinach, feta, and tomato dish, I
thought I'd mention something that I make often to accompany a ground
beef patty made from grass-fed ground beef:

Cook the patty in a 10 inch cast iron frying pan. As soon as the patty
is out, pour a small swirl of EVOO into the hot pan, then toss in sliced
mushrooms and, when the mushrooms are almost cooked, grape tomatoes that
have been washed but not cut unless they're really big. Let the
tomatoes sear a bit, season with salt and FGBP, and pour the mix onto
the plate next to the patty.

I also like to top the patty with salt and FGBP and then a good dollop
of guacamole. I generally use Trader Joe's guacamole.

The juices from the patty will run into the veggies and make them extra
yummy. Plus you can put the plate down for the cats afterwards because
there are no onions involved.

Of course, if you're feeling selfish, precede the mushrooms in the pan
with some thinly sliced onions, and then eat it all yourself, licking
the plate if it suits you to do so.

You could also drop in fresh herbs at some point.

I get preformed grass-fed patties from a place that offers higher fat
burgers, and those are especially yummy. With grass-fed beef, the fat
is really good for you, rather than potentially worrisome.


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