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Cheri wrote:
: "W. Baker" wrote in message
: ...

: On something entirely different. today I received a large set of
: professional photos taken of my husband in around 2006, when he was all
: himself atas illustrations for an interview he had byt some trumpeters
: from the Chicago Symphony. as the photos were professional they caught
: the absolute essence of my husband at that time and on one of the happiest
: days of his old age. He had respectful young men interviewing him and
: asking him about his young years in the Sympnony and he got to relive his
: youth. the pictures just capture him so well Of course, I wept when I
: looked at them, but they are , for me, a great treasure I will cherish.
: So glad they were found.
: Wendy

: What a wonderful gift for you Wendy! Were you expecting them or were they
: one of those rare surprises?

: Cheri

A rare surprise. I remembered that they had been taken but had no idea
why they never showed up , even in the artile about Syd in the
Internationsl Trumpet Guild Journal, whic did have the one phote I had
seen as it had been sent to me.

It came as a total surprise and a delightful one at that.