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Default Closed for the Season Part Deux

Some time back I wondered about the "closed for the season" sign in
front of The Foolish Frog.

Some folks speculated perhaps the owners made enough money they could
shut down and take a vacation. Sounded reasonable.

But the scuttlebutt at the Chamber of Commerce meeting is they sold the
restaurant to a chef from Royal Pines Country Club. Word is it's
"probably" going to reopen in the spring.

I find this odd because by all accounts they went to great lengths to
disassemble an old barn in NC and transport the lumber down here to use
to build the restaurant at that location. That couldn't have been
cheap. Perhaps that expense was part of the problem. It was only open
for a couple of years and they didn't "close for the season" until last

We'll see if it opens in the spring. I actually did want to eat there
at least once. It's pricy but if they do a good job on something I'm
not interested in cooking at home that's okay. The parking is a little
iffy which might also have contributed to the patronage (or lack thereof).