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Default Getting burned out oh food again!

"Julie Bove" wrote in message
This is getting super frustrating. Nothing sounds good to eat and I just
don't want to eat anything. I especially don't want to go out to eat. I
tried to order something different when we went to Family Pancake House
and I just couldn't get into it. Granted they do cater to seniors. I got
the Yankee Pot Roast. The texture was as though someone had already
chewed it for me. I had it with a plain baked potato and a salad with no
dressing. I did manage to eat all of the potato with salt on it. But I
didn't even want the salad.

I can't even find stuff at the grocery store that looks good and neither
can Angela. Nothing looks good to her either. So it is very frustrating.
I do still like beans but I didn't cook any this week. She had the
stomach flu last week and I've had some stomach issues but not sure why.

Okay she did think that the pumpkin pie looked good. But no real main
dish type foods. We went to PCC Natural Market yesterday. It's very much
like Whole Foods, but it's a local chain. They have tons of healthy
prepared food and she couldn't find a thing to eat. I got a falafil
sandwich which I probably shouldn't have eaten. I couldn't even finish it
because I just didn't want it after I started eating it. It seems to be
one of those things that I can eat if I am super hungry. And I just

So, bleh. Not really asking for suggestions here. Just sort of venting.

Yeah, when that mood hits you need something really
good too break it, and getting an "already chewed" pot
roast is really the yucks. When I get like that I start
channel-hopping on the food shows, eventually something
looks decent or stimulates curiosity, and I can break out
of the funk. Before the Great Food Television I'd go to
the library and go through the cookbook aisle. Eventually
something will click. Hopefully before Xmas and all,
unless Chanukah is already a problem. Good luck.