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Default Ping Susan

I was going to do a spatchcocked turkey this year but wife who just barely
likes turkey wanted meatloaf instead.

but I who love turkey will probably do a spatchcocked one for myself to eat
for a

oh I got the galaxy s 3 from att..and just saw a Verizon add on tv for it
for free so annoyed I didnt wait a

but att here hasnt been a problem..

oooh btw my one holiday indulgence was homemade corn bread with jalapeno..I
never had it that way ever and wifes from south so had me do it.

WOW it was good!

I diced the jalapeno to tiny tiny bits with the food it wasnt
hot..just a nice warmth and a very great taste


"Susan" wrote ...

The spatchcocked non kosher bird had two days in a bag, salted, and
roasted up beautifully in the a.m. (this is what we sent home as
leftovers) and was roasted at 450 with some covering of parts here and
there after a while, lots of butter under the skin and on it. So easy
to have the butcher cut out the breast and backbones that I may start
ordering small whole turkeys this winter for the two of us. It was very
moist and good. And fast!

How was your holiday?