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Default smoked pig tails?

On Oct 30, 12:55*am, Sqwertz wrote:
On Mon, 29 Oct 2012 20:33:53 -0700, Mort wrote:
I've never gotten good results either. They make great stock though.

I did some for the first time a month or so ago (but only because this
that was the first time I could get my hands on some). *Pretty fatty,
but if you're not watching your fat intake, they were pretty succulent
after a bunch of beers and nothing yet to eat yet that day.

I'd throw some on the grill again to fill up that empty space around
the edges if they were $1/lb. *But not for the $2/lb I paid for them.


one of the local supermarkets carries pigtails, but the meaty end,
with that long thin end cut off. They go from $1.49 to $1.99. I
think they're worth the money at $2.
Also you mention that you would throw some on the grill. Don't you
braise them first until tender? I would imagine that if you tossed
some on the grill without braising, you would get some pretty tough
And pork fat contains some heart healthy nutrients. Having said that,
excess pork fat will cause you health problems. IOW's eat pigtails
not very often.
I'm glad that we're really starting to hit it off btw.