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Default Wine Apps: Consumer Perceptions Survey

I am a senior at Paul Smith's College of Arts and Sciences studying Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management. I am conducting my senior project on how wine apps for smartphones, tablets and other devices affect the restaurant industry now and in the future. I have created a survey for wine consumers about their use of wine apps and will compare the results to a survey conducted for restaurant managers.The goal is to determine if wine apps will have an effect on the way wine consumers buy wine in the restaurant.

It is a short survey about how consumers are currently using wine apps and why they have chosen not to if they don't use them.

You do not need to have wine apps downloaded on a smartphone, tablet or other device to participate in this survey. You do however need to either own a smartphone, tablet or other device and you have to dine out at least once a month.

I would appreciate it if you would help me with my senior project by taking this survey. You can follow the link below to be part of my sample set. Q#gid=0

You can copy and paste this link into your web browser.

Thank You.