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Default Char Broil Silver Smoker 492 or 738 sq inches?

On 9-Jul-2004, Dana Myers > wrote:

> M&M wrote:
> >>
> >>>On 8-Jul-2004, Dana Myers > wrote:
> >>
> >>>>I wonder if they'd sell you a narrower firebox
> >>>>grate cheap enough if you called them?

> > I'll have to order one. If I cut one down
> > it would no longer have a supporting rail on the end.

> I'm not sure what you mean - the grate has three
> rails that run lengthwise and many rails that run
> perpendicular. Trimming off the the last two
> perpendicular rails just means shortening the long
> supporting rails as far as I can tell. The
> disadvantage would be that the cut end would no longer
> have porcelain coating on the ends.
> Dana

I suspect I've been caught out yet again. I have an unused
cooking grate. I'll check it out manana and see how it works
out. I'd like to be able to grill in the firebox without a lot of
hassle. Thanks for the heads up.

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