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Default Strange cooking utensils- Fry pan and aluminium boxes

On Sat, 10 Jul 2004 08:37:20 -0400, "Ben" > wrote:

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>> While poking around in a flea market the other day I noticed two
>> unusual items. One was a rectangular cast iron (frying?) pan, divided
>> lenthwise down the middle with raised ridge and then with one side
>> divided again cross-wise. Overall size would be aaboaut 4 inches X 5
>> inches. My best guess was that it was some type of frying pan to cook
>> individual servings of bacon and eggs. Has anyone seen anything like
>> this?

>I've seen round skillets like this. They may be useful for camping and for
>cooking the whole meal at once over a campfire.

We had those when I was younger, only ours were in a light-weight
aluminum. Our family used them for camping; which is not to say that
that is necessarily what they were made for, but I've mostly seen them
at campsites. You could use one of the compartments to heat tinned
beans in. Occassionally for fun Mum would let us use them at home on
the stove, but the lightweight aluminum wasn't great to cook in. The
cast iron ones sound better to cook in, and you could well speculate
that those ones weren't necessarily for camping, as would be heavier
to carry.