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Default '02 Huet Petillant Reserve

On 5/18/12 4:24 PM, santiago wrote:

Once you sell more than 50% of the capital... you are no longer the one in
control. If the Pinguets wanted to retain control they should have sold
less than 50%. This also proves that the management skills where way below
the winemaking and viticulture skills.

Unfortunately, that may not be unrelated to the relatively low cost of
Huet's wines. I can still buy their secs and demi-secs for just over
$30 a bottle, and their production costs aren't small given the sort of
care taken in the vineyards and the hand harvesting and sorting that's done.

Whatever happens in the future we should never forget that the terroir of
le Clos du Bourg (my favorite), Le Mont and Le Haut Lieu is more important
than any person and will be there for the future generations to drink the
great wines.

For me, I think that LHL gets the nod in most years, though I've had
brilliant wines from all 3 vineyards. Alas, though, great terroir isn't
enough to guarantee even good wine. Just look at the recent history of
the Clos Baudoin or some of the recent vintages from Charles Joguet.

Mark Lipton

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