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Default Char Broil Silver Smoker 492 or 738 sq inches?

On 9-Jul-2004, Dana Myers > wrote:

> M&M wrote:
> > On 8-Jul-2004, Dana Myers > wrote:

> >>I wonder if they'd sell you a narrower firebox
> >>grate cheap enough if you called them?
> >>
> >>Cheers!
> >>Dana

> >
> >
> > Interesting idea Dana. I might just try that out. Given that
> > a standard grate will actually go in the fire box, one an
> > inch shorter has got to be a lot easier. And it would be
> > more convenient to grill in the firebox. Thanks.

> My pleasure - I hope they're able to take care of you.
> In the worst case, you could order another 16" grate
> and cut it down yourself ;-) It really is more
> convenient to grill in the firebox...
> Cheers,
> Dana

I don't doubt that. I'll have to order one. If I cut one down
it would no longer have a supporting rail on the end.

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