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Default Vacuum marinating

Has anyone ever marinated meats using a wet capable vac pac unit?

I use a seal a meal. You have to make the envelopes a little large, watch
the amount of marinade you put in there, watch bones sticking out, and other
things. I like to marinate it a day or so before sealing it just because it
works better. There ARE problems getting it to seal right, and other
things. But IF you don't use too much marinade, make your envelope slightly
long, hold the bag down over the counter edge so the marinade goes to the
bottom by gravity, and stop vacuuming and seal just as soon as the liquid
starts to reach the top, it works pretty well. Now, I know that isn't
giving it the hard vacuum seal that a normal piece of meat would have that
doesn't have the marinade in there, but its a tradeoff. It's the AIR you
want to get out. Once that's out, the marinade will coat the meat and
prevent freezer burn.

Works for me, and I've been doing it for years now. We buy those BIG
packages of chicken thighs/legs on sale, skin them, trim fat, and bag them
with different marinades, label. It works, there's just tricks to doing it.