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Default What's Best For The Best Burger?

On Mar 31, 4:50*pm, Chemo the Clown wrote:
On Mar 31, 2:14*pm, Ron wrote:

I keep seeing articles where people say to use meats with low(er) fat,
15 to 20 per cent, and others who say that hamburgers with higher fat
content makes better burgers. Personally, I love a lot of fat on my
ribeye steaks, but in a hamburger it's too hard to tell if it has high
fat or not. So, can anyone say if fatty burgers are all that bad?


I like about 20% fat. If I get hamburger with less, I'll add a little
sausage. I think a bison burger is a little flavorless so make them
with 50/50 beef and bison.

I like them a lot leaner and I like them medium rare. The more fat in
a meat, the more cooking I feel it needs. I think the reason that
bison "is a little flavorless" is that it is almost always grass fed.
Grass fed beef also has a more delicate flavor that corn fed does. I
never buy bison because it's pricey and not appreciably different from
grass fed beef, which although admittedly more healthful, is pricier,
and IMO, less flavorful. When I was a kid, the gold standard was
grass fed until 3 weeks before slaughter, then corn *finishing*.
Cattle should not eat corn, except in the last month of their lives.
They should not be given antibiotics unless they're sick.

It's funny, but something about the seasonings used in corned beef
really appeals to my cat. I can leave almost any food on the table,
and she has no interest. Even salmon or tilapia would be ignored. If
it's not cat food, she's not interested, except for corned beef. An
old GF of mine had a cat that went freakin' ape shit over green
olives. The cat would jump two feet in the air--or try to--to get an
olive. Interestingly, the last time my cat acted interested in what I
was eating was cheap deli corned beef. Today's was one I boiled
myself. It has to be one spice peculiar to corned beef. Anyone have
an idea which seasoning that might be?