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Max Hauser
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Default Wine refigerator

"Den" in ...

We're thinking of buy a wine refrigerator to hold about 70 bottles of wine
in our house.

This brings up a terrible, haunting problem that newcomers never ask about
wine storage, because they cannot conceive it until they no longer are
newcomers, and then it is Too Late. (This issue is perennial on online
food-wine forums and ought to be an early topic in a "Wine FAQ" file.)

Whatever your horizons in perceiving the amount of wine you will store,
owning wine storage capacity opens those horizons wider. It is an issue not
of numbers but of attitude. It often occurs that the person who happily
acquires space for N bottles, having never before possessed N bottles,
somehow manages to acquire 2N or 3N bottles (which would not happen prior to
owning the storage capacity for N). The mental horizons grow FASTER than
the storage capacity does. This works well for sellers of storage capacity,
who wring their hands in greedy glee, knowing that the habitué will return,
sooner or later.

The situation may resemble the more powerful Opiate drugs, which change body
chemistry to create a physical need previously absent. Wretched case
histories exist in which N grew steadily (like the growth in dosage of the
uncontrolled opiate addiction). People are ruined. Southern California is
a famous locus for this issue, by the way, owing to its large
wine-enthusiast population, warm climate, and lack of cellar construction in
houses. (When a wine-enthusiast entrepreneur I know undertook to build a
high-quality refrigerated wine storage warehouse elsewhere, he first visited
Southern California to research the business. His outstanding facility by
the way is called the Wine Bank, in Menlo Park, California.)

Shame precludes my even hinting at how large N eventually became in my own
case. (I have it under control now, of course. :-)