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Default 'nudder interesting thing salt & brining

Per some previous posts I decided to make some Canadian bacon.
I went with 1 cup salt per gallon water, bay leaves, raw sugar, and
cure salt. The recipes said to weight the meat so it doesn't float.

My cutsof meat sank like a rock. Then, per previous post, I realized
that the kosher salt I used was only ~half as dense as other kosher
salt. So I figured I'd add some salt.

I took out about 2 cups of brine and added another 1/2 cup kosher
salt, then poured back the brine.

After ~1 cup back into the vessel, the pork cuts shot up like a
rocket. No surprise, I increased the density of the brine so the meat
floated (like the Dead Sea vs. a regular ocean).

But I realized that I probably could've poured it in slower, until the
meat buoyancy was neutral. That way, the meat would hang midway in
the brine.

I wonder if that's a criterion for proper salt content in a brine?
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