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Default Chain Letter

On Mon, 12 Mar 2012, Ubiquitous wrote:

Now this is a sweet story, from the Associated Press:

A North Dakota newspaper columnist sat down to review her
town's hot new Italian restaurant, rhapsodizing about the
chicken Alfredo, crisp greens and "two long, warm breadsticks."

But because the restaurant was the Olive Garden, Marilyn
Hagerty's earnest assessment swiftly became an Internet
sensation, drawing comments both sincere and sarcastic from
food bloggers and others. For the 85-year-old Hagerty, the
response was bewildering--and it threatened to make her late
for a bridge game. . . .

And I never hear about these things from the internet.

They all come from old media (I saw this on tv already).

Which means either I really am out of the loop, or the reality is that
"viral" often means going to old media to get travel.