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Default Cooler Wine Kits

4nospam (Insprucegrove) wrote in message ...
Thought I would try something different and make a cooler style wine kit--was
thinking of the Niagara Mist Grapefruit Blush. Anyone else tried this

(My only other cooler style wine I have made was Blackberry Merlot-and it a
word it was terrible. Sickly sweet- Still trying to figure out ways to consume
it!) I presume that the grapefruit would be more tart.

I have made almost all the line of the cooler style wine and my best
pick will be the peach Chardonnay. I made the grapefruit for the
first time this year and bottle it yesterday. They really surprise
me, very nice, feel just a bit more acidic than most of the others. I
prefer the white variety over a sweet red as you mention with your bad
experience. Drink them really chilled and you can add some ice cubes