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Default RSS Coffee Feed - A Starbucks Price Increase, to a Not-So-Round Final Number - STRONG coffee gets me out of bed in the morning. I start gulping it at home, and after a train ride into Penn Station I usually stop at a Starbucks in Times Square for ano

## 2012-01-14, Saturday

### 21:50

[A Starbucks Price Increase, to a Not-So-Round Final Number (New York
Times)][1] [[Feedzilla: Beverage - Coffee News][2]]

[POSTINGS RECENT ENTRIES FROM OUR BLOGS (New York Times)][19] [[Feedzilla:
Beverage - Coffee News][2]]

[Where Hunters of Vinyl and Other Treasures Load Up (New York Times)][26]
[[Feedzilla: Beverage - Coffee News][2]]

[Fresh, Local and Upscale, Coffee Spots Multiply in New York (New York
Times)][33] [[Feedzilla: Beverage - Coffee News][2]]

[Refillable Jugs to Satisfy That Iced-Coffee Craving (New York Times)][40]
[[Feedzilla: Beverage - Coffee News][2]]