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Default Extended Instructions for Making Wines from Kits - Question

I've read Jack Keller's? Extended Instruction for Making Wines from Kits and
have a few questions after comparing Jack's instructions with the
instructions from the wine kit. I'm fairly certain Jack's instructions will
produce a better wine, but I'm new a this and would like some clarification.

A few differences I noticed:

Following the wine kit instructions, The first item is to add the Bentonite
with a half gallon on water and Jack's instruction say to add Bentonite
around day 29. Any idea why this would be so different?

Another difference is according to the wine kit, I should rack the wine
after day 7 or when the SG reached 1.010 or less - Jack's instructions don't
mention racking the wine until about day 30. Should I rack it around day 7
or day 30? Do I run the risk of giving the wine a "yeasty" taste if I wait
to rack it?