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Default For one who shall remain nameless.....

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On Wed, 4 Jan 2012 19:03:08 -0800, "Julie Bove"

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. ..
On Wed, 4 Jan 2012 18:41:28 -0800, "Julie Bove"

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"All unhappiness is due to the ego; with it comes all your
What does it avail you to attribute to the happenings in life
cause of misery which is really within you? What happiness can
from things extraneous to yourself ? When you get it, how long
last ?" -- Ramana Maharshi

Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never
anything wise in this world.
~Helen Keller

This is all getting beyond a joke, you all need to take a good
look at
yourselves, this kind of behaviour towards a fellow human being
shameful. I wouldn't treat a dog in this manner.

No you wouldn't treat a dog that way, but you and Julie treat
Susan that
way every chance you get, and I never see a word from you about
the FOAD
that Julie is throwing around all the time. Preacher, take a good
yourself before taking others to task.

AFAIK, Ozgirl has never said anything unkind to me. However there
a few dogpilers in here who are doing it now. Including those who
don't. One makes bad comments about my canned chicken or canned
broth and
then complains that *I* say something is disgusting? Complains
about *my*
buying prepared foods and then posts on how to reuse rotisserie
don't get it. I really don't.

And still the question remains. Which post was it that was supposed
been of interest to me? I have asked this repeatedly now and that
is how
this all started. And yet nobody can take the time to answer.

For your information, a rotisserie chicken is a FRESH chicken,
in the store, THAT DAY as opposed to being cooked in my house.

On the other hand, canned broth may have been made a year ago. We
have no way of knowing how old it is, not to mention the very fact
it being canned isn't really good for you. Cans are lined with
plastic containing carcinogens.

I buy organic boxed broth most of the time. As for cans, I have no
with eating canned food and I think neither do most people who live in

In spite of that, I occasionally will use canned broth when I am in
hurry too. Fresh is always better than prepared foods. A FRESH
chicken (no matter where it is cooked) is not the same thing as
something in a can or a box meant to last for months on end.

Fresh is not always better, IMO. Obviously it is in yours. I do
watch Food
Network and other cooking shows. Those chefs on there are advocates
canned and boxed broths.

I was just pointing out how on the one hand you get upset with me for
liking something. But you feel it is okay for you to not like
And it's not just you. Susan says Tom doesn't eat salmon. No, she
say why. But if *I* were to say that I didn't eat salmon, someone
sure pipe right up and call me out on it.

That's the way life is......

Notice that my recipe which had one very small potato for a whole pot

And we all have different levels of insulin resistance. If a person
can't eat a bit of potato then insulin resistance is probably very high.
I personally have reversed my insulin resistance and have for the past
year been able to eat what i want and in what quantities I want. Not
that I do it all the time but its nice to know I can walk into a
restaurant or be at a party and not have to worry about spiking.

Some diabetics can eat a whole potato (depending on insulin resistance
meds, insulin etc), some can't. I don't think we should have to cater
to the lowest possible denominator/ If one potato on a whole dish for 6
people is too much then omit the potato. I would have to presume that
people in here are smart enough to figure out what they can or cannot
tolerate without hoohah. Obviously some fly bys come here from time to
time and post recipes that are almost entirely carb and high at that but
a recipe with a small amount of starch over a goodly amount of serves is
something easily adapted to suit the individual.