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Default For one who shall remain nameless.....

"Tiger Lily" wrote in message
On 1/4/2012 12:52 PM, Susan wrote:

For me? I think I'll throw together some Deviled Eggs! :-D

A lame attempt, I know, to bring diabetic food into the thread. :-D

Very, but amusing nonetheless.


i grinned at the choice of Deviled Eggs

(btw, they are a favourite of mine, too)

no PPP here! (Pithy Pity Party) but, if we go that way, all those
foods that are P foods are usually not so good for us


(it's a long standing joke in chat)

kate, this is so not you. You have always been a humanitarian, please
don't get involved in this shameful stuff
You have no idea how much this saddens me as I know you very, very well.