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Default Ping: Gene - Prime Rib

There is a recipe almost identical to Gene's prime rib technique in the
current issue of Cook's Illustrated. We're going to try it today. You can
watch this video without subscription of any kind for the next four months.
It's only a minute and a half, and somewhat monosyllabic. The fat in the
finished piece looks pretty raw to me.

1 Trim off ribs; save for roasting
2 Salt and air dry in frig for 1-4 days
3 Warm to room temp.
4 Brown top and bottom, not the cut ends.
5 Reassemble bone in standing rib and tie with kitchen twine.
6 Roast at 200F to internal temp. of 110F. Turn off oven and let rise to
7. Rest and eat. I'm a bit dubious about that. There shouldn't be
anything to equilibrate at that temp.

I'm gong to do differently the following.
1 Brown in bacon fat and save as much of the browning as possible.
2. Roast ribs separately at 375F to render fat and drippings for Yorkshire
3 I might just leave the oven temp @ 200-225F and rest in the usual
fashion after 120 meat temp is reached, while the Yorkshire pudding is
4 Slice thinly

I would trying smoking at 200-225F. My doctor ordered me to stay indoors for
a few weeks.

A Happy New Year to All,