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Default 5 Decades of Taylors Port

On Dec 11, 12:20*pm, "Bill S." wrote:
Notes from a wonderful and enlightening Port tasting arranged by Jim
Roberston, a long time fan of Taylors Port. *The wines spanned 30
years and represented four different decades, or if you include the
Scion, 156 years and 16 decades. *We tasted every issued vintage of
Taylors between 1955 and 1985.

Scion this remarkable wine from 1855 or a bit older somehow survived
in a couple of barrels until Taylors bought it and bottled it after
the family that owned it had all expired. *Done up in fancy packaging
for the princely price of $3,500 a bottle, this was certainly a
delight to have the opportunity to taste. *It raised all sorts of
questions about whether the barrels had been topped over the decades,
and if so, with what, but there were no answers in the booklet
supplied with the wine.

A black walnut nose, exceptionally complex, the wine a darker walnut
sort of colour as well, with amber edges. The nose was fairly hot and
quite intense with hints of dried fruits and spice (we had a short
discussion of whether it was more like nutmeg, which I favoured, or
allspice as my friend propounded). *It developed a nose that I would
liken to aged single malt whiskies with more vanilla and whisky notes
coming out as it aired. *I left this as long as I could before
finishing it, just to see what it would do, but became nervous as the
people to my right and left began eying my glass with poorly concealed
larcenous intent, they having intemperately finished their own

Scion is also being sold in the US. The 2011 Holiday Wine Sale catalog
of the Brown Derby in Springfield Missouri is asking US$ 3499.99 fo it
in a fancy box with hand blown crystal decanter. This is so close to
the price you give that I wonder if the price you quote is in Canadian
or US dollars. Only 100 bottles are available in the US.

Apparently someone thinks there is still a market for ultra expensive
wines in the US. A 15 liter bottle of Chateau D'Yquem 2005 is offered
for US$ 24999.99 and the 2007 vintage in the same size and price is to
be available soon. And for those who think the bigger, the better, a
18 liter bottle of Chateau Le Tertre Roteboeuf is available for US$
5299.99. To serve from these huge bottles, unless you have one of the
antique pouring carts for large format Champagne bottles, one likely
will have to visit a local gym and hire 2 weight lifters to move and
pour the wine. It might also be wise to have an agreement made that
you will not be liable for any hernias resulting from lifting and
pouring from these monster bottles :-). Alas, I don't think I can be
good enough for Santa to bring me one of the bottles mentioned. This
reminds me of a story about Mae West which may or may not be true.
Someone mentioned that she must have been very good to receive a very
expensive fur coat. Mae was supposed to have responded that: "Goodness
had nothing to do with it".