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Default TN: where the wines are better than the matches (Champagne,Languedoc, MSR)

On Nov 17, 5:10*pm, cwdjrxyz > wrote:
> On Nov 17, 3:20*pm, DaleW > wrote:> Monday was beef stroganoff. Not the easiest match ( Pierre Franey recipe- tenderloin, paprika, cream sauce, mushrooms pull in a variety of directions) , but I generally go with light red. But it occured to me that bubbly- especiallly pink bublly- might fit the bill. I went with the NV Agrapart Brut Rose Champagne. Initial impression- fine mousse, bright red fruits, dosage maybe a tad on high side but in balance. But with the stroganoff something- the sour cream?- reacted in a weird way- dish was fine, but the Champagne tasted like a non-dosage. Dry to the point of bitterness. OK, so mark that one off from list of Dale's favorite matches. But after meal the bubbly was fine, with fine length and complexity, and I wish I had bought more. B+/A-
> I find sour cream a poor match for many wines. I think I might try
> making the stroganoff with fresh cream and using a bit of beef or veal
> demi-glace. If one does not have up to a few days to make classic demi-
> glace, it can be bought at a few specialist grocers at a rather steep
> price, but only a little is needed and it will keep well. I might also
> use Spanish smoked paprika, not too much, to add a bit of complexity -
> I would use the mild, but medium and very hot Spanish smoked paprika
> are available. There are various versions of stroganoff, but most use
> sour cream, so some might argue that you should not call the dish
> stroganoff if there is no sour cream. Perhaps you could use mostly
> fresh cream with just a bit of sour cream.

I used the Spanish smoked paprika in mine as well. The flavor is