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Default A Wholesome, Plant-Based Diet May Cut Risks and Complications of Diabetes

India has the world's highest diabetes rate. =A0India has a plant
dominated diet. =A0Nuff said.

ts-down-millions-rising-to-middle-class.html { Doctors say a perverse
twist of science makes Indians susceptible to diabetes and complications
such as heart disease and stroke as soon as their living conditions
improve. As a decade of 7 percent average annual growth lifts 400
million people into the middle class, bodies primed over generations for
poverty, malnutrition and manual labor are leaving Indians ill- prepared
for calorie-loaded food or the cars, TVs and computers that sap physical
activity. Programmed for Diabetes

Researchers are finding the pattern begins before birth: Underfed
mothers produce small, undernourished babies with metabolisms equipped
for deprivation and unable to cope with plenty. Sonar=92s mother, a
widow who spent her life in a village and raised seven children by doing
farm work, was active and healthy into her 70s, Sonar says."

Correct, this is known as the starvation hypothesis of diabetes.

In india the two most common factors are obesity and low physical
activity. These are the same factors associated with diabetes the world

The point is that having or not a plant based diet is not the central
factor in india having the highest rate. The plant based diet does not
help and animal products is not the reason.