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Default Primal diet, where it goes wrong

exactly and well put, Lee
"ImStillMags" wrote in message
On Nov 6, 11:45 am, A Moose in Love
On Nov 6, 2:37 pm, jay wrote:

I find the the people supporting the above raw food diet eat far too
many fruits. Badnews for a diabetic, although they blame diabetes
onfats; i.e. fats trap sugars inthe blood.

Yesterday I had 3 cantaloupes, 1/2 honeydew and 6 bananas. Accordingto
fitday, I had 1,511 calories, 90% carbs, 6% protein, 4% fat (1%PUFA).
How long before I develop diabetes?

? I don't know. I just know that whenever I eat a fruit such as an
apple or orange, my blood sugar spikes. Melon does the same thing,
although bananas aren't bad.

Moose.....thus my comment about finding what works for you.
Obviously fruit is fine for Jay.
Low carb works for me. We all must find what way of eating brings us
the most health and happiness.