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Default Eat those Carbs! The ADA says you should!!

"Janet" wrote in message
Julie Bove wrote:

Do you have a reading comprehension problem? They didn't say to eat
more carbs.

There is no need to be rude, Julie. My reading comprehension is just
fine. Perhaps if you think a bit more about the implications of what was
said you will get my point.

As far as quoting the ADA website is concerned, it's like the bible: you
can find something there to prove virtually anything you want. It is
obviously designed for maximum deniability. For the real message, I
suggest reading the page[s] where they talk about "tight control." How
they define it, and the degree of danger they ascribe to it, and so forth.

It's not like the bible to me! To me the bible is merely a meaningless
book. I'm an atheist!

I don't need to reread anything. The OP said to eat *more* carbs. I'm sure
it didn't say that at all.