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Default Eat those Carbs! The ADA says you should!!

On 10/27/2011 5:39 PM, Janet wrote:
Ozgirl wrote:
Should have emailed them with your thoughts. If more people provide
feedback as to their experiences with more carbs re control then
maybe, just maybe, someone might notice. As you can probably tell I
am not one to just accept things My local MP etc must be quite
sick of me, lol. But seriously, a squeaky door gets oiled. I like to
think that my opinions of government policy eventually get heard.
Perhaps the same could happen here. Unsubbing to me is like
killfiling. You can't know what else comes out of there. Make a
stand! I won't use that "occupy" word - shudder

I actually did call their customer service line and register a vociferous
complaint. They carefully do NOT provide a comment forum or email address
where you can register a comment. I am angry enough about it to track down
someone via the JHU website, and will probably do so in the next few days.
(I actually have some connection to JHU, albeit a different branch of the

but they know names..........

networking is great