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Default Eat those Carbs! The ADA says you should!!

Should have emailed them with your thoughts. If more people provide
feedback as to their experiences with more carbs re control then maybe,
just maybe, someone might notice. As you can probably tell I am not one
to just accept things My local MP etc must be quite sick of me, lol.
But seriously, a squeaky door gets oiled. I like to think that my
opinions of government policy eventually get heard. Perhaps the same
could happen here. Unsubbing to me is like killfiling. You can't know
what else comes out of there. Make a stand! I won't use that "occupy"
word - shudder

"Janet" wrote in message
Just recieved the latest Johns Hopkins alert. Newsflash: " restricting
total carbohydrate intake to less than 130 g per day is not
recommended. In addition, some experts have relaxed the allowance for
ordinary sugar (sucrose) intake to as much as 10 percent of total
calories. That means people with diabetes can have a limited amount of
sweets, chocolates and desserts as part of a healthy meal plan."

Read it he

I have unsubscribed from their service. This is not the level of
ethics I expect from an institution like Johns Hopkins. (But of
course, it is really "Remedy Health Services" and Hopkins is just one
of their "brands.")