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Default Eat those Carbs! The ADA says you should!!

"W. Baker" wrote in message
Julie Bove wrote:

: "Janet" wrote in message
: ...
: Just recieved the latest Johns Hopkins alert. Newsflash: " restricting
: total carbohydrate intake to less than 130 g per day is not
: In addition, some experts have relaxed the allowance for ordinary
: (sucrose) intake to as much as 10 percent of total calories. That
: people with diabetes can have a limited amount of sweets, chocolates
: desserts as part of a healthy meal plan."
: Read it he
: I have unsubscribed from their service. This is not the level of
ethics I
: expect from an institution like Johns Hopkins. (But of course, it is
: really "Remedy Health Services" and Hopkins is just one of their
: "brands.")

: That's nothing new!
For many of us it is, at least the Remedy Health Services part.

No, no. I mean the advice!