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Default Healthy Lifestyle With Easy Healthy Recipes

On Sep 13, 6:59*am, haleymcadams1
sweet;1660132 Wrote:

Nowadays with our busy lifestyle, it is becoming more and more
difficult to spend time on cooking in house.
More people now prefer to go to a fast food restaurant, eat and leave
under half an hour.
Not many people pay attention to what they eat and whether or not they
are taking all of their necessary daily vitamins and minerals.
We don't pay attention if we have had enough fiber or calcium or even
protein in our food.

That's true. I am a living proof of what you said. Because of my hectic
schedule I don't even have the time to cook meals for myself or my
family. I am gaining weight because I don't even try to look at what's
inside what I'm eating or drinking.


Can you do some marathon cooking on weekends?