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Default Too many carbs!

That's good and just quietly it might be a lesson for your mum.
Hopefully someone with authority will explain to her why he needs to
watch his carbs. Not saying the stroke was caused by high bg's and
co-related lipid abnormalities but in a diabetic its always a

"Julie Bove" wrote in message
My dad is now on the floor where they do physical therapy. My mom
called in his lunch order and tried to get him a taco salad and penne
pasta They wouldn't let her do that. It was too many carbs. I think
the penne had 15 g but am not sure. He did have that for dinner
tonight and it wasn't an overly large portion.

The taco salad came in a nice looking edible bowl but it was made of a
corn tortilla and not one of those fried flour things. 45 g of carb,
or it would have been had he eaten the shell. He did not. Just ate
the salad and a raw veggie plate. Also a sugar free Jell-O.

So Swedish is on top of things when it comes to diabetic diets. Yes,
I know some of you would be mortified at that many carbs. He does
take basal insulin all of the time and he is on basal. I don't know
how they figure his basal. I was worried that he'd go hypo because he
didn't eat the carb portion of his meal. But he did not. The test BG
before every meal.