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Default Swedish Hospital Cherry Hill Food

"Tiger Lily" wrote in message
On 9/4/2011 6:22 PM, W. Baker wrote:
Tiger wrote:

: The is an elderly couple who take a taxi to/from the restaurant
: day for their dinner. Dinner is 4:30 pm for them and they take
home 1/2
: the senior's portion they just ate. The lady indicates that a soft
: boiled egg, toast and coffee is their morning meal; the left overs
: their mid day meal; dinner ensures they have at least lunch at home
: next day.

: i didn't define elderly
: he's 102 and she's 97

: kate

Do they have a senior feeding program either like senior lunches for
small fee or meals on wheels whic bring a prepared meal to the house
5 das
a week? The other meals woul only entail light shopping that your
could learn to do or that one of you could send over or oder from the


Wendy, Meals on Wheels provides this service to the elderly. I don't
know about the remote area that Julie's parents live in. I know some
restaurants make your choice from 10 items, prepared in advance,
frozen and you only need to reheat them. These would be more upscale
meals and typically are a touch more appealing than the meals on
wheels options.

There are some really nice frozen meals delivered to the door and they
would be cheaper than restaurant meals too. My aunt was laid up with a
broken leg for a while and she is an avid cook, never makes a thing out
of a packet. I have loved going to her house all my life Anyway she
had to get some frozen meals in (they weren't the diet plan type). A
small independent company that made realistic meals, not a thin slice of
meat, 3 peas and a tablespoon of rice and 90% of the weight of the meal
as a sauce, lol).