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Post Looking For Waterless Cookware

First thing I would like to know if one can buy ether Americraft or Kitchen Craft Waterless Cookware on-line. Why these two companies I feel that they stand behind their cookware and will replace any of their pans, skillets or any of there products that they sell 100% no questions ask.

I do not know if AL CLAD has waterless cookware?

Have you had any of these brands? Have you had any trouble with them replacing any of your pans, skillets or any of there products.

I brought my wife to be Miracle Maid Cookware 38 years ago and West Bend would not replace them even through they had 100% guarantee on them if anything would happen to them, will the finish came off and they told me that they would replace them for $2,000.00, what a replacement!

So now we have been eating Aluminum for the past 15 years thanks to them.

Can I ask what kind of waterless cookware do you have?
Are you happy with the cookware?
Have you had any trouble replacing any of your pans or skillets?
Would you buy them again? Or would you buy another brand?

Which brand you you feel is the best not looking at the price, but looking at the quality in them?

I hope that there is a place that one can buy the Americraft or Kitchen Craft on-line along with AL CLAD if they make waterless cookware.

Like I have stated I am looking for quality in the pots and pans. I do not want to be reaped off from another Company again.