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K. B.
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Default wine kits....

We've made 14 kits, all brew king cause thats what our wine shops sell. We
love all the kits and we've tried most of the "California" varietals, both
red and white. We've done both the cheaper VINTNER"S RESERVE kits and the
more expensive SELECTION kits. SELECTION kits are worth the extra money if
you can afford them. We tweak them a little by adding more or less oak,
more or less water, and fermenting part of the "f" pack you find in some of
the kits. As I dont have the extra time required to make wine from grapes,
the kits are great for me. You can expect to get your money's worth no
matter which kit you get.

Good luck with your first selection,

Karl B

"Andy j." wrote in message
Hi.....after making wine from my own grapes for the past 2 seasons, as
well as some zinfindal grapes I ordered thru a local supplier, I feel
it's time to splurge and buy a kit wine.
Locally I have a choice of Vineco or Brew King products.Has anyone
here used either the Selection Series from Brew King .......or the
Kendall Ridge or Legacy Series from Vineco? What results might I
expect from these "Premium" kits? My understanding is that the home
winemaking supply industry has much improved their product in recent
years by including more pure juice and less concentrate.....opinions
anyone??.....thanks ....Andy Jones ,N.B., Canada