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Default Kenya white tea

I guess everyone has to produce some type of white tea. This one is
called Kenya Crested Crane. The dry tea is grey. You would probably
guess more of a tisane than tea. My guess 10% bud, 40% soft top stem,
50% broken leaf. Probably picked by machine. The infused leaf is
green. It is mildly astringent. There is not much of an aftertaste
harsh on the tongue gentle on the throat. There is more aroma than
taste. I cant place the faint aroma ie it doesnt remind me of any
other tea. In a way this reminds me of Ceylon green teas hardy but
not tasteful. It lends itself to cup brewing and drinking. If your
cup of tea is a morning slap in the face this one is for you. Mine
was $4/oz at a mountain boutique which is inline with the internet. I
basically can say I have some and catagorize it with my grotty greens.