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Dave Stacy
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Default Selling Wine

Oh now that is just too funny!

Ed, you and I have the same dry sense of humor. I laughed my ass of
when I read this.

Thanks for the good chuckle this morning.

Dave Stacy

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003 03:29:50 GMT, "Edwin Pawlowski"

"Dave Stacy" wrote in message

They actually have a regulation for the inspectors
regarding the size and type of dead bolts. (Can't have any one
stealing that wine before the tax has been paid on it)

My you have such a poor outlook on our government. The law would not exist
if it was not for your benefit. What would happen if thieves stole some of
your wine before it was properly aged? That could potentially harm your
reputation amongst the thieves and their friends and result in lost sales.

Even the wine ready for sale could be damaged from rough handling in the
get-a-way vehicle. They could steal in on a Friday night and serve it at a
dinner party on Saturday and it would not taste right after all that shaking

The government is looking out for you!