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Dave Stacy
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I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately you and I don't head up the
agencies that make those rules.

Imagine how much denero would be raised if there was a license that
allowed you to produce and SELL up to 500 gallons a year.
I agree if it was $100 to $500 most home winemakers would fork over
the cash and potholes in the road outside your home might get fixed
with the money.

Oh well, that law doesn't exist so here I wade through the 40 pages of
ATF forms that must be filled out in triplicate.

Dave Stacy

On 30 Oct 2003 19:38:53 -0800, (Steve) wrote:

I've been making wine for quite a while and well, its pretty damn good. it
goes down well at work, at the local gym and with family and friends. at
times, i'm finding it hard to keep on top of demands.

People are now offering money for my wine and i have to refuse them saying
that it is illegal as i have not got a license to sell it.

where could i possibly get a license from to sell my home made wine and what
implications would there be in having a license?

I don't know what state you are from, but in Massachusetts it is
virtually impossible for someone to make wine at home for resale. For
all the rules and regulations in MA see

I can understand some regulation when it comes to manufacturing and/or
selling alcohol, but some of the fees for these licenses are
outrageous. I would think the state could raise just as much if not
even more money if they just had a $100 annual license fee to sell
wine and a penalty of $5000 for getting caught without a license. I
and thousands of other amateur winemakers in this state would gladly
pay $100 for a license to sell a few batches of homemade wine to the
public and local restaurants. The state would accomplish the goal of
raising money through licensing and sales taxes, and they would also
have control of who is selling and who is buying.

Selling my wine wouldn't necessarily make me rich, but it would be the
most gratifying and "funnest" side job I can think of.