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Default HOW FATTY FOOD TRIGGERS DIABETES [Sanford-Burnham MedicalResearch Institute]

How fatty food triggers diabetes

Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs in Foodstuffs from Asian and
Oceanic Countries.
.... Among various developing countries in Asia, considerable
information on organochlorines in foodstuffs has been available from
India since the late 1960s. DDT and HCH were the major insecticides in
Indian foodstuffs. Concentrations of these insecticides have declined
more than two orders of magnitude in farm products, such as food
grains and vegetables, in two decades. Milk and milk products are the
major sources of dietary exposure to DDT and HCH in India. The
residues of these insecticides in dairy products were close to or
above the MRLs of the FAO/WHO. Dietary intake of DDT and HCH by
Indians was 100 fold that in more developed nations. Sporadic
incidences of greater concentrations ( 1 microgram/g) of aldrin,
dieldrin, and heptachlor have been measured in Indian vegetables.
Untreated surface waters could be a potential source of DDT and HCH
exposure... PMID: 9297984