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Default SousVide Cooking

SousVide Cooking

Bed, Bath and Beyond is currently touting the SousVide Supreme Demi Temperature Controlled Water Oven at a $299 price.

SousVide is a cooking system that many top restaurants have been using for years -- but never tell you about it. It helps them prepare perfectly cooked food ready for you shortly after you've ordered it.

I have done SousVide cooking at home, but it is not as easy as it would be with a device such as this.

I have written about the technique here and in other forums and there is much on the Internet which discusses it. This is the first I've seen at a lower price level for home use. I am highly interested.

This is 'walk away exact cooking' as you can never overcook anything, provided you have set the temperature correctly.

See their BBB's ad at:

SousVide Supreme™ Demi Temperature Controlled Water Oven - Gray

Introducing the SousVide Supreme™ Demi temperature controlled water oven. With hands-off, gentle and forgiving cooking, the Demi makes it easy to have meals ready in minutes. Just season your dish, vacuum-seal it in food-grade pouches, simmer in the Demi water bath, sear or sauce your dish if desired and serve. The SousVide Supreme™ method of cooking helps pack in all those lost nutrients that conventional methods tend to remove during their processes, thereby offering you a way to serve food with all its true flavor intact. Easy to use, the SousVide™ has a one-touch precision control panel for setting temperatures and times. Includes detachable power cord, a perforated bottom grill designed to generate thermal turbulence, user manual, instructional DVD, warranty card and a stainless steel rack to separate food bags. 550 watts. Holds 9 liters. ETL listed. Measures 11 1/3" H x 11" W x 13" L. Model #SVS09L.

See their short video demonstrations

SousVide Supreme Demi Temperature Controlled Water Oven
How to cook Steak with the SousVide Supreme water oven
How to cook chicken in the Sousvide Supreme water oven
How to make Brownies with the SousVide Supreme water oven
How to cook Salmon with the SousVide Supreme water oven
How to cook broccoli with the SousVide Supreme water oven


If you have a FoodSaver vacuum device at home you won't need their vacuum instrument.

You could buy it elsewhere for a limited time at the same price, but if you have a BBB 20% coupon you can get $60 off.

SousVide Supreme website

SousVide Supreme website videos -- many additional interesting presentations

Wikipedia -- About SousVide cooking


Look at the PolyScience Sous Vide device
Highly interesting but it costs $800 -- but you can use your own stew pot

Gary Hayman
Jun 2, 2011 3:09 EDT