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Default Sunday through Saturday May 15-21

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-working on eBay listings
-sold one and actually made a small profit this time LOL!
-sold another one, smaller profit, but profit none-the-less
-and I slept the rest of the day so I had to package them all in the
evening when I finally got up


-dropped packages off at Post Office
-worked on more listings
-still finding things I can sell
-room is getting emptier ---- some in other room, some trash, etc.
-have to figure out what to do with all the packing supplies and the
items that I have listed, they are the biggest mess in here right now
-moved a few things from against the one low wall and
about dust and dirt...couldn't see until I started moving things and
then you saw clean carpet with dark marks around it, vacuumed up
-my daughter came over and we went over colors again....changed my
mind because I didn't like the first samples and tried them
in a small space


-dumped a bunch of old fragrances that were body longer
smell good they are so old and some spray stuff as well...age can
change that fragrance to something not so nice LOL!
-still working on listings
-picked up more paint samples
-went to Walmart to pick up my bed frame from Site to Store and my dad
and I put it up
-worked on spackling in the bathroom mainly...small room and once
repair is done we can start painting at least that one, but there is a
lot to repair in there...whoever did that job originally didn't do a
good job and I am a perfectionist and it isn't going to be just
painted over like it is
-painted some more of my shelving unit and painted a piece of wood I
hope to use for a plaque


-more eBay listings (can be time consuming, researching, writing the
ad, taking a picture that isn't blurry and then posting it)
-paid some bills
-painted the shelf again and put a second coat on the piece of wood to
try and make my own plaque
-bought supplies for mailing for eBay
-bought supplies to make Christmas gifts for this year
-worked in some sorting while I was doing that and found more things
to sell on eBay
-even with the mess there is so much more room in here
-Sunday DD is coming to help me spackle the bathroom so we can start
painting in there at least, the bedroom isn't quite ready


-balancing checkbook, always a blast
-paying some bills since I got my monthly disability check today
-had to empty vacuum cleaner again, it is picking up the fibers from
the carpet and is full in no time and hardly picks up the dirt
sometimes....I have to clean all the filters too...need to get this
room emptier so vacuuming is easier and can be done more often so it
isn't quite so bad, plus I am stirring up the dust and annoying my
-wiped down my exercise dumb bells...they had a nasty coating of dust
on them...going to be using them now in addition to my gym trips so
cleaning them up and putting them in a container in the other room to
corral all the exercise equipment
-tossed the printer box from my newest printer from this past
December...ususally have them for years and years...I won't be taking
it anywhere as it only cost $16.00, if it breaks I will just get a new is cheaper to buy a new one than buying ink just once for


-spackling little bit here and there
-listing on eBay...there is so much here I hope to sell on there
-lots of stuff going out, unfortunately some came in, but my Christmas
Shopping is almost completely done and that doesn't happen ever and
they are gifts not gift cards


-ran errands.....stores, returned several items
-listing on eBay still....the batteries in my camera keep running down
LOL! I take lousy pictures so have to keep retaking them...I will be
doing this till bedtime tonight