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Default The Lunchtime Reception

In article ,
Doug Freyburger wrote:
Janet Bostwick wrote:

All the ingredients for the canap? have been carefully sourced from
Royal Warrant holding companies using UK-based ingredients. These

Now that's a foodie post of interest. Thanks!

Yes, a drool-worthy menu. In one of the vids on the official web page,
they talked with the head chef, and one of the kitchen staff was making
the pates de fruits - cutting them ever so precisely and rolling them in

I read somewhere that Ms. Cairn's fruitcake is for sale at upscale grocers
in the UK. True? I'd like to try some - I HATE American fruitcake, but
English fruitcake is great. The decorations were wow. I enlarged the
photo on the Flickr set to see the detail. The "biscuit cake"
looked great too!

I was actually hoping they'd have a roast swan. I've read that all
swans in the Themes river system are crown property because they are a
traditional centerpiece for a royal feast. I've read that last year for
the first time in decades the Queen joined the royal swan counter on his
annual count of the birds.

Yeah, I don't think it would have played well even with the whole
all-British locally-sourced theme.

I've read that roast swan is even better than roast goose. I found a US
source for swan frozen and packed but at $999 including shipping I doubt
I will ever spring for one.

Yeah, I'll pass too.